Stations of the Cross

The paintings representing The Stations of the Cross need to be celebrated. They are awe inspiring and evoke a sense of mystery and a wish to participate in the calling of The Christ. We are all grateful to the subtler energies which have touched the artist of these paintings.

Ravi Ravindra

What Is Truth
92cm x 70cm

Ecce Homo (First Station)
110cm x 95cm

Christ Accepts The Cross (Second Station)
105cm x 129cm

Christ Falls for the First Time (Third Station)
136cm x 92cm

Christ Meets His Mother (Fourth Station)
102cm x 140cm

Simon Helps Carry The Cross (Fifth Station)
84cm x 104cm

Christ Falls for the Second Time (Sixth Seventh Station)
130cm x 194cm

St Veronica with Sudarium (Sixth Seventh Station)
89cm x 85cm

Christ Meets the Women of Jerusalem (Eigth Station)
206cm x 164cm

Christ Falls for the Third Time (Ninth Station)
156cm x 142cm

Christ is Stripped of His Garments (Tenth Station)
96cm x 167cm

Christ is Nailed to The Cross (Eleventh Station)
107cm x 80cm

The Crucifixion (Twelfth Station)
240cm x 160cm

Christ Looking Into The Empty Skull
102cm x 76cm

Christ and Moon
41cm x 31cm

Pieta (Thirteenth Station)
183cm x 105cm

The Entombment (Fourteenth Station)
160cm x 110cm

The Angels
150cm x 102cm

Christ and Judas
108cm x 108cm

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